Wifi Network for Hospitality, Retail& Entertainment

Wi-fi is now the top feature hotel’s guest want. It’s compulsory for businesses to provide a high level of service cost-effectively. While most hospitality organizations have deployed wi-fi, having it available is just the first step. Ensuring a secure and reliable Internet connection for all users is the real difference between wi-fi being a success or failure. Kanch is a managed service provider that engineers, installs and supports hotel, retail and entertainment WiFi networks across the United States, Our help desk provides 24/7/365 support to you and your guest. Our cloud based solutions allow us to carefully monitor your property to ensure that it is working smoothly

With Kanch, providing a secure and reliable wireless connection is simple and the benefits are clear. Customers will have the convenience to safely go online wherever they are located on the property. Basic Internet access can be provided for free, and if higher bandwidth is needed, tiered service offerings can be made available. For back-office operations, businesses can prioritize Internet traffic for reservation systems, administration tools, point-of-sale and more to provide a high level of service regardless of where the transaction occurs.