You’ve already seen digital signage at your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, and even at the airport. It’s no wonder they’re popping up everywhere – digital signage is proving to be much more effective than traditional signage for many situations.

Here’s why. In the old days, you designed a sign, got it printed, and put it up. And it sat there, the same message, for months or even years at a time. Eventually, it just blended into the background. What kind of impact do you think that’s having?

But with digital signage, your in-house advertising goes from flat, Mayberry-like messaging to hypnotic Las Vegas Strip-style content that grabs attention and doesn’t let go.

Plus, digital signage is much more versatile. Advertise three, four, or even 18 different messages all in the same space. The possibilities are literally infinite! As the text, images, and videos on your digital signage change and move, they automatically catch your customer’s attention.

Your messages will never blend into the background ever again.

8 out 10

Customers who said they’ve been drawn into a store because of digital signage.



of consumers say that digital displays with relevant information influences decision making at point of sale (POS)

Recall rate for messages
can be as high as 83%

59% Who see a message on
digital signage want to learn more

Digital signage can reduce
perceived wait time by

kanch inc digital signage

Digital Signage Services:

A Giant Leap for In-House Advertising

  • Costs less per message than printed signage
  • Can be changed on the fly
  • Draws the eye better than traditional signs
  • Communicates more efficiently to your customers
  • Signals to your customer that you are up to date, relevant, and on the cutting edge

You get greater control, greater flexibility, and greater customer engagement at a lower total overall cost per message.

Display Your Way

Standard Display Screens (from 10 to 85 inches)

Commercial grade screens that stand up to the rigors of 24/7 operation. Great for rotating a variety of different messages to your clients.

Video Wall (from 30 inches square to basically unlimited)

Thin-bezel screens reduce the space between monitors for a near-seamless big screen view without the big-screen price. Special software allows you to display one view or many.


Get interactive with your customers. Touchscreens work the same as smartphones and tablets, allowing your clients and customers to explore menus, view maps, do self-service checkins, purchase items, and read and search information about your location.

Kanch Business Solutions provides digital signage services in New York. We will help you design, plan, and place your digital signage for maximum impact.

Easy-to-Use CMS Backend – or We’ll Do It for You

Anyone with basic web skills can learn how to create and manage their own digital signage screens with our easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Kanch also offers management packages to take care of the backend for you – no need to learn the CMS!


Lists all current signs and contains controls to create and schedule new ones.

User Accounts

You control how many people can access the backend


Combine text, images, and videos for your message


Save old ads for future editing and use


Stream up-to-the-minute weather, news, date and time, your Twitter feed, and other info sources


You have full control over when and where your messages display


Attention-Grabbing Content Ideas for Your Digital Signage

  1. Weather
  2. Area Travel Information – Airport, Bus, Highway Delays
  3. Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Feed.
  4. Today’s Menu
  5. Featured Items or Services
  6. Season’s Greetings (No Matter What the Holiday!)
  7. Short How-To Videos
  8. Digital Way finding of Your Building and/or the Surrounding Neighborhood
  9. Today’s News – Including Your Own Company News
  10. Calendar of Upcoming Events and Special Dates
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